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experimenting with lines and block colors, don’t mind me over here

experimenting with lines and block colors, don’t mind me over here

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sketches for a print series maybe? doodlin

sketches for a print series maybe? doodlin

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Every once in a while I just want to write down the things I did if ever I’m looking at my blog in 20 years, I’ll be like “OH GOD! I was worried about SO MANY THINGS THAT WERE SO DUMB!” So here’s my list:

  1. Woke up 
  2. Blogged about the new Hanklerfish shirt.
  3. Went to pilates (I go to pilates at least once a week, it is the only exercise I do.)
  4. Ate Jimmy Johns with Katherine
  5. Sent an email to YouTube about an inappropriate pre-roll running on Vlogbrothers.
  7. Had a meeting at the DFTBA Warehouse talking about what we’re going to do for our Christmas sale this year (yup…that early)
  8. Also worked some on the problem of Hannah Hart’s Onesie (which was held up in customs because the manufacturer didn’t put a “Made in China” label on it, which has made the US government unhappy.) If you ordered one of them, I’m so sorry they’ve been delayed so fantastically. I feel terrible for you, and I’m extra sorry for having let Hannah down as well. We’re still working on the fix, but the onesies are in the warehouse now, so that’s a step in the right direction.
  9. Customized some Subbable perks
  10. Went to the office to meet with Valerie about Nerdfigher community stuff and Pizzamas ideas. 
  11. Signed some CDs
  12. Conferred with Vondell Swain about some design work for REDACTED
  13. Went back to the SECRET PROJECT place and did our first SERET PROJECT episode which broke, so we won’t be uploading it.
  14. Figured out how to set up the Live Hangout thing I’m doing with Randall Munroe from XKCD this Friday. I have titled it “Jet Packs and Certain Death with Randall Munroe.” You can wait in the lobby for the next three days here.
  15. Had a quick meeting about deal terms for ANOTHER DIFFERENT SECRET PROJECT we’re doing with PBS.
  16. Watched a bunch of Randall Munroe talks and interviews to prep for the Hangout
  17. Wrote a bunch of questions for the Hangout.
  18. Yelled at a friend of mine who was presenting himself in a manner I thought dishonest to potential investors in his company.
  19. Called him out on Tumblr :-p
  20. Worked on my talk for XOXO which I’ve been working on for just about every day of the last 2 weeks. 
  21. Wrote this list on Tumblr

i love to work on REDACTED

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some harrys

some harrys

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everyone look at this amazing commission Vondell did for me! Thanks so much!



everyone look at this amazing commission Vondell did for me! Thanks so much!


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i don’t post WIPs too often but im liking the linework of this volcarona piece i’m working on!

i don’t post WIPs too often but im liking the linework of this volcarona piece i’m working on!

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quick painting of my old apartment building because i’m awake & restless

quick painting of my old apartment building because i’m awake & restless

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Hey all — wanted to give you guys an update. The pokemon commissions slots are all full and I’m still making my way through them as quick as I can. It’s going a little slowly — it just so happened that the bulk of the time I allotted to working on them coincided with me packing and preparing a weeks-long move across the country from Portland to Philadelphia.

I’ve been either busy packing/cleaning or on the road for the last couple of weeks and I’m finally at a point where I can get to work on them again for real.

Super sorry about the delay for those who haven’t gotten theirs yet — I didn’t know the exact schedule for our move when I gave you guys the time estimates. As far as I can tell, working all this week I should be able to knock the remaining ones out before next weekend.
Let me know if there’s any concerns, but I just wanted to update everyone as soon as I could sit down with my laptop and make a post, since I haven’t heard from/talked to anyone in at least a week.

Delays and time are common with commissions and everybody I’ve talked to has been understanding about it but I still feel really bad when it happens to me. So I hope everything’s good. I’ll keep you guys updated individually too but I just wanted to put a post up for everyone in case anyone was just generally curious.

Best wishes all!

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Saul Williams twitter doodle

Saul Williams twitter doodle

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streaming some pokemon commission art this afternoon! come and hang. :-)

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doejess replied to your post: Themed commissions are fun and I’m doi…

are you gonna stream your commissions!! i love your livestreams

maybe! i might stream the ones that don’t involve me having to have a bunch of photos of strangers open in the window. unless someone specifically wants me to.

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Themed commissions are fun and I’m doing them!

I’m opening 10 slots of Pokemon commissions. :-)

E-mail me at vondell.swain@gmail.com to secure a slot.

Special Notes:

  • Fictional characters and OCs are totally fair game in terms of trainers, it doesn’t have to be you/your friends, I’m just as happy drawing Kaylee from Firefly or one of your OCs as I am drawing people you know.
  • If there’s something involved that I can’t google, reference pics are much appreciated, the more the merrier. :-)
  • Fan-created Pokemon are very OK too. I will gladly and enthusiastically draw your Fakemon.
  • If you (or one of your friends) is in the picture and there’s details I should keep in mind about your appearance/height/gender presentation/etc feel free to add that in there. If I’m gonna draw you, I intend to draw you right! B-) Height is particularly important in couples pieces; if one of you is a foot and a half taller than the other I might end up accidentally drawing you eye to eye if I don’t hear otherwise.
  • If you have additional ideas about poses, actions, outfits, etc, lemme know in the e-mail, otherwise I’ll go with whatever I think looks best!

Payment is handled upfront via my PayPal address pay.vondell.swain@gmail.com. When you e-mail me I’ll let you know where you are on the list and I’ll send you another e-mail when I start working on your piece. Turnaround time is usually a no more than a few days from start to finish. That means people at the end of the list will be seeing their pieces in a few weeks.

These commissions will be delivered via e-mail as two PNGs, one with a white background and one alternate with a transparent background. I’ll send over the PSD file too if you’d be into that. They can be used personally in any way you’d like except for profit, as long as you’re crediting me somewhere. I trust y’all.

Anything else relevant that you’re interested in, feel free to lemme know! If you’re interested in something along these lines that might be priced higher, like a Pokemon team portrait, let me know and we’ll figure a price out based on what you’re looking for.

Sweet! Let’s do this! Reblogs are appreciated although if you’re seeing this in a reblog, make sure to check my page to see whether the slots have already been filled. I’ll have a post up when I’m all full.